Presentation of Malteurop Australia Pty Ltd

Malteurop established itself in the Australian market in 2008 with the formation of Malteurop Australia and the acquisition of the state of art Maltings located in Geelong, Victoria. This 80kmt facility was constructed in 1998 and as a Tower maltings is one of its kind in Australia. In 2018 Malteurop confirmed its commitment to the Asia Pacific region and its stakeholders by formally opening an additional 120kmt Malthouse on the Geelong site thereby bringing Malteurop’s Australian Production capacity to 200kmt.

The growth in Malteurop’s capacity in Australia makes the Geelong site one of its three key production hubs globally. Located close to Australia’s largest port, having easy access to Australia’s educated pool of talent, transport and infrastructure systems and being adjacent to some of the best malting barley regions in Australia, the Geelong malting plant now offers Domestic and International Customers an enhanced Supply Chain reliability.

The Geelong malting plant is now well established and continues to develop its reputation as a reliable quality supplier to Domestic and Asian malt export markets. The plant is ISO & HACCP accredited and also has traceability protocols in place.

The plant has the adaptability to pack and ship malt in several ways - bulk in ship’s hold, bulk into truck, bulk/bagged in container, individual bagged & palletized malt – and this flexibility ensures our operations meet our customers’ requirements in the Export, Domestic and Craft markets.

In a crowded and competitive global market, Malteurop Australia has identified Company Culture and Safety as key components in its future success. A shared organizational vision about values, safety, goals, behaviours and expectations by all members of the organization is considered key to develop a proactive and engaged workforce that is equipped to meet and exceed the challenges of the global market place and our customers’ expectations. 

Geelong Malteurop Australia

Malteurop Australia: key figures


days without lost-time accident @ 31st August 2019




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Malting process

The process of making barley malt consists in 4 stages: steeping, germination, kilning and deculming.


Steeping: the grain is prepared for malting and moistened. Its humidity level then goes from 15 to 45%. The steeping is carried out by immersion or by spraying water, alternating with periods of aeration. At the end of the steeping, the germ and the roots appear, called rootlets. This stage usually lasts between 30 and 45 hours.



Germination: the grain is spread on a perforated tray and continuously ventilated by thermo-regulated air. The germ develops, leading to important biochemical changes in the heart of the grain. This step can last from 3.5 to 6 days. At the end, the plumule reaches the size of the grain and the rootlets that have developed appear faded: we speak then of “green malt”.



Kilning: the green malt is transformed into malt. Thanks to heating and drying, the molecules causing bad taste are eliminated and the aromatic compounds developed. All the art of kilning lies in choosing the right "recipe". After final cooling, the malt leaves the kiln with a moisture content of 4 to 4.5%. Kilning may take up to 2 days.



Deculming: Rootlets formed during germination are removed using vibrating trays. The grain being very dry, the rootlets are easily detached. At the end of the malting, the malt is in the form of a yellow gold grain dry and brittle. It can be kept for more than one year if strict conditions of storage and hygiene are respected.

how to make malted barley

Malteurop Australia and  the beer business

Malteurop Australia is a long term supplier to the key Brewers of the Asia Pacific region and is expanding its reach into the Australian Domestic market.

Malteurop Australia & BeerCo have recently signed an agreement for the distribution of Malteurop Australia Pilsen malt to the Australian Craft market. This partnership was announced in September 2019 and launched at the Australian Independent Brewers Association ‘BrewCon’ event at the beginning of that month.




ISO 9001

ISO 9001:2015, certified since 1999

ISO 14001

ISO 14001:2015, certified since 2007

OHSAS 18001

OHSAS 18001; 2007 certified since 2011


HACCP, certified since 2000


Halal Certification 1112019/MA191, certified since 2015

Dept. of Agriculture Business Registration 6484

CARE: Life is better without accidents

At Malteurop, safety is a priority, because nothing justifies being injured at work.

Every year Malteurop Australia participates in the Malteurop’s Global Safety Day.

Over the years Malteurop has invited local CFA firefighters, St Johns Ambulance and employee family members. The local organisations have given demonstrations for staff to watch and to participate. An annual Safety quiz tests employee knowledge of the topic in a light hearted and amusing way and one employee each year is awarded as ‘Safety Employee of the Year’ during the event. Malteurop also invites and presents a Certificate of Appreciation to the best supplier/ provider to the company, in recognition of valuable safety contributions to the company & site.


We support local charities through ‘Give where you Live’ since 2016. With the help of local companies like Malteurop Australia, this Geelong Foundation supports, invests in and promotes programmes & grants to alleviate disadvantage within the local community.

Glenn SPARKE, Managing Director, Malteurop Australia Ltd Pty

Specific activities

Barley Garden

A small area at the site front entrance is annually given over to a show garden of selected barley varieties, showcasing Malteurop’s own varieties & industry standards. This is a point of interest and education for our Customers, Suppliers and Employees highlighting our links to Agriculture and the Natural world and is always a hit with Employees’ children!