With more than 1,100 employees working to produce malt in 14 different countries, Malteurop is a world leader in malt industry. Working for Malteurop means rising to the challenge of sustainable development while meeting the needs of farmers, employees, and customers.

Our vision


"Today, and for the future generations"

At Malteurop, we do more than malt. We support brewers in making the best beers, distillers the best spirits and food companies the best products. 

We connect farmers, who dedicate their lives to Nature, with life lovers, who share authentic moments around natural drinks & food. We are farmers-maltsters since 1961 as part of VIVESCIA. We belong to cooperatives and their farmers; we exist because they exist. Caring for the grain is a culture, and for us, the right way to make the best malts, today and for the future generations.


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Malteurop by the numbers

1 in 10

beers in the world are produced with Malteurop's malt




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An international and diversified career

Working at Malteurop means work for an international company present in 14 countries on 4 continents belonging to VIVESCIA, the French cereals cooperative group leader, with nearly 7,500 employees in 27 countries. Trust, respect, initiative and sharing of experience are the driving forces of our daily work.


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Our common values

We have defined common values and relative behaviours altogether with Malteurop and VIVESCIA's companies:

  • Act together. The pleasure of sharing our ideas and building together efficient solutions in order to reach our goals and meet tomorrow’s challenges. 
  • Date to be entrepreneurial. The desire to build our future with boldness and agility by going beyond our limits, creating, innovating and taking managed risks.
  • Be Genuine. Choosing to be ourselves by being genuine and fair in our relations. This means knowing how to challenge ourselves while respecting others, their culture, rules and environment
  • Work for the long term. Willing to anticipate, to act, and to transmit with a long-term vision, with patience and determination.

Great job diversity

As a major player in the barley-malt-beer industry, Malteurop can offer you a wide variety of different jobs in the fields. From agronomics, production, market analysis and research, commercial management control, planning and logistics, environment, as well as communication, risk management, procurement, quality or Corporate Social Responsibility, you should find some opportunities at Malteurop. 

New jobs and positions are being created all the time depending on our changing needs. Malteurop can provide many career opportunities accross our 14 countries.

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An ambitious employee training and support policy

Our employees are the key to our success and our customers' satisfaction. As such, Malteurop has an ambitious training and career development policy. And because our employees are our most important asset, we devote a significant proportion of our investment to workplace safety. We also strive to foster good working conditions and ensure diversity and equality of opportunity for everyone.

We have a special focus on our employees' carrers and development thtough:

  • Annual Performance Review
  • Annual Development Interview
  • Talent review
Emploi bière

A world of opportunities

Joining Malteurop brings to your carrer the opportunities to:

  • learn new skills in exciting industries like beer, spirits and food industries, in our offices and our plants
  • work in an international and multicutural environment as we are 1,100 workers in 14 countries
  • join the group VIVESCIA, 1st cooperative cereal group in France, and its community of 7,500 people in 25 countries.


Office Malteurop Reims
Stefan Renoux

I joined Malteurop in 2012 as an intern in varietal development (cereals) ; today I'm a Plant manager.

I had the opportunity to get this promotion at 30 years old because, in addition to my missions, I've been able to lead other projects, to learn from other departments like Quality, Supply chain or Commercial, to have a global vision of the business and, in the end, to prove that it was worth trusting me.

Stefan Renoux - Plant Manager at Aire-sur-la-Lys, France
Elena Zakapko

My journey at Malteurop started as a local sales administrator, and during the 10 years that I spent here, I progressed all along with the company until I became Deputy Export Manager.

Within this period, I’ve got good opportunities to advance my career. Management is very supportive for the ideas and suggestions providing additional trainings to continue the learning of my new skills.

One of my great experience and possibility of my work is a cooperation with great people from all over the world.

Elena Zakapko, Deputy export sales manager
Rabah Bellir 3

I joined VIVESCIA in 2009 as an intern in the management control department, and I'm now interim CFO of one of Malteurop's main Business Units.

Following my six-month internship, I first worked at Malteurop's head office as a junior management controller before, six years later, having grown the team, I reached a senior level, managing two people.

In 2016, I had the opportunity to move to Milwaukee, WI to reinforce the North American Business Unit. My task was to give the finance function greater visibility, strengthen ties, ensure transparency, and share best practices between head office and its subsidiary, through a continuous improvement project in particular. I was lucky enough, among other things, to head up the financial side of the project to build a new malt house in Mexico, and to see it through to the start of the works.

I have been interim CFO of Malteurop North America since August 2019, and I manage a team of 11 people. Together, we cover a variety of areas in finance, from cash management, to accounting, as well as financial planning and analysis. Our aim is to constantly secure the finance department's strategic and operational role within the BU, with a focus on performance management, risk management and growth.

I'm proud of my career path, and I'm grateful to Malteurop and VIVESCIA for having enabled me to grow.

Rabah Bellir, Interim VP Accounting, Finance & Business Insights