Malteurop Breeding program located on Waipuna Research Farm, New Zealand participates since many years new lines (variety) quality testing program of American Malting Barley Association, AMBA.

Success for our breeding program

5 new varieties

Our global barley breeding program has currently and successfully approved and introduced new varieties for US, Australian and New - Zealand market, like FAIRVIEW, JIMPY, EXPEDITION, MAYFLOWER and KIWI.

During crop19, Malteurop send 3 new lines for AMBA-first year quality testing and 2 lines for AMBA-second year quality testing.

All 5 lines from our breeding program reached satisfactory-validation, which gives right to move to the next validation stage.

The two lines, which were successfully tested for second year, will be candidates now for commercial malting and brewing trials and target to get listed on AMBA recommended malting barley variety list.

This great success is demonstrating that Malteurop breeding program is delivering high quality varieties for our customers.

Main benefit of our breeding location in New Zealand is that we conduct ‘off-season’ barley breeding activities and trials for Malteurop’s other global operations. Being countercyclical to the northern hemisphere season, a maritime climate and with strict but workable quarantine requirements, New Zealand is seen as an ideal location for this work, thus helping to realize Malteurop’s objective of adding value along the barley-malt supply chain for our customers

Last but not least, our breeding program is a great support to our sustainability road-map with strong contribution to the following areas:

  • New varieties providing better brewing efficiencies
  • Varieties economically competitive versus other crops
  • Draught & disease resistance
  • Nitrogen efficiencies

All above leading to improved sustainable farming practices.