Malteurop is one of the world's largest malt producers. We have 24 industrial sites and we supply more than 900 customers around the world. Our range of products and services is aimed at craft breweries as well as distilleries and the world's largest brewers. We also have an Italian subsidiary that specializes in grain extract for the food industry.

Our expertise

At Malteurop, we produce malt; a natural and versatile product. Malt is currently mainly used by brewers and distilleries in the production of beer and whisky respectively.

However, malt extract can also be used in food products like bread, cereal bars, and energy drinks. We mostly make barley malt, but also malted wheat for making white beer, for example.

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Malteurop by the numbers


industrial sites around the world (including 1 malt extract plant)


barley breeding station in New Zealand


million tonnes of production capacity

1 in 10

beers worldwide are made with our malt

Expertise at every level of the supply chain

Varietal selection and development

Our agronomic experts select and develop the varieties that best meet our customers' requirements. We have our own crossbreeding program. We foster close ties with global originators. We are a shareholder in Secobra, one of the leaders in varietal selection for malting barley.

NEw Zealand team

Seed production

We are capable of the large-scale production of first-generation seeds thanks to our network of seed multipliers and our seed growers.

As a result, we are capable of supplying certified seeds ensuring varietal purity, quality, and the traceability of barley.

Barley hand

Farmer relations

A good relationship with farmers is vital to ensure the security, reliability, and quality of malting barley supply.

We have solid partnerships with farmers and enjoy special access to their crops in the 14 countries we operate in.

Farmer agriculteur

Harvesting and storage

We work in close collaboration with grain storage agencies and cooperatives, and sometimes directly with farmers, to ensure the grain is harvested and stored in the right conditions.

We take particular care to preserve the grain's qualities. In certain countries, we organize grain storage ourselves.


The supply chain

We have specialized teams that manage the international barley and malt supply chain.

Our facilities in 14 countries enable us to provide agile solutions to supply the Group's malthouses and our customers.

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The grain market suffers from significant price volatility. We have the necessary in-house expertise to manage price risk.

This enables us to offer farmers and our customers innovative pricing solutions.

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Our production facilities


We boast modern, flexible, and efficient production facilities that enable us to adapt to the raw materials used and our customers' needs. We have an annual production capacity of 2.4 million tonnes of malt.

We have regularly invested in maintaining and improving our production facilities throughout our history.


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Standards and accreditations

At Malteurop, quality is a priority.

Depending on the sites where they are produced, our malts are certified with the utmost rigor.

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Research & Development 


We invest in research and development to innovate in the barley-malt-beer supply chain.

We strive for consistent raw materials and to improve our production processes, in partnership with our customers and suppliers. Customer focus is central to this policy.

Recherche et développement