On October 18, 2023, in the presence of the French Ambassador to Mexico, representatives of the Chihuahua State Government, the local authorities of Meoqui, Directors and board members of its parent company (VIVESCIA), its customers, partners and employees involved in the project, Malteurop inaugurated its new malting plant in Meoqui, Mexico.

From left to right: Olivier Hautin, Managing Director, Malteurop; Jean-Pierre Asvazadourian, His Excellency Ambassador of France to Mexico; Christoph Büren, President of VIVESCIA; María Angélica Granados Trespalacios, Representative of the Governor of Chihuahua for Economic Development and Innovation, Miriam Soto Ornelas, Mayor of Meoqui ; Olivier Miaux, Managing Director, VIVESCIA Industries.


This project marks the first investment in Mexico by a malt industry player. Over the past three years, this construction project has been accompanied by the establishment of a partnership with nearly 500 farmers to introduce a new crop - malting barley - enabling them to diversify their crops. 

Malteurop's expertise has enabled us to identify the most appropriate malting barley varieties for these regions, while supporting and sharing agro-ecological best practices and low-carbon farming techniques, leading to 100% local supply. 

Mexico is one of the fastest-growing beer-consuming countries in the world, with growth forecast to reach 8% by 2022. 
It is also a major importer of malt. 
The new malting plant in Meoqui will enable Malteurop to meet the strong demand for malt and contribute to building a virtuous local ecosystem by promoting a short distribution circuit alongside its brewery partners.

This malting plant also illustrates Malteurop's ability to involve its partners in a large-scale project. 
More than 15 partners and technical subcontractors were involved in the project (i.e. up to 850 people took part in this amazing adventure), and almost 70 jobs were created locally, thanks to the support of Malteurop teams from other countries - in particular Spain, which provided in-house training in the malting plant's specific trades.

Congratulations to the teams involved in this magnificent project. They can be proud of this achievement.