The Great Falls malting plant in Montana is Malteurop's largest production site in North America, with a capacity of around 230,000 tonnes of malt per year. Innovative initiatives have enabled the plant to significantly reduce its water consumption. An inspiring example for all those wishing to embark on a more sustainable path.

Recycling macerating water and optimizing water levels have enabled the plant to reduce its water consumption by almost 2.5 times since 2015. This achievement demonstrates the company's commitment to sustainability and the preservation of water resources.

In addition, the team identified purification opportunities to improve the quality of water discharged to the city's water treatment plant. Thanks to a new aeration and biomass system commissioned in December 2023, the organic effluent load has been reduced by a factor of 8. This improvement led to a reduction in treatment costs from $9 to $3 per ton, saving the company over $700,000 per year.

This remarkable achievement is the result of the hard work of the Great Falls team, including Jeremy Tweet, GTF process engineer and project manager, Junyong Zhang, group manager - Canada, and the GTF operations team. Their commitment to sustainable innovation proves that it can also be profitable.

Through these efforts, Great Falls is establishing itself as a leader in sustainability, and proving that it is possible to reconcile economic profitability with environmental preservation. By reducing its water consumption and improving the quality of its discharges, the company is helping to preserve the region's water resources.