Are you a distiller? Are you looking for a malt supplier with extensive experience in the production of distilling malt made with multiple varieties of barley? Do you need a solid partner, with production facilities all over the world? Malteurop is one of the world’s leading malt producers, with 1,100 employees and operations on 4 continents. Our teams work hand-in-hand with you every day, with a long-term vision to ensure consistent malt supply and guarantee the quality of your whisky.

At Malteurop, we produce two main types of malt required for the production of whisky:

  • "Pot still" malt, which is by essence the malt used in "single" and "pure malt" whiskies,
  • as well as "High Diastatic Power" (HDP) malt, which is reserved for making "grain whiskeys", in particular American bourbon.

Recognized expertise in North America

Over the years, we have developed a malting process that enables our distilling barley to express its potential in the production of North American whiskey.

Our "High Diastatic Power" (HDP) malt, mainly used in the production of "grain whiskeys", and in particular Bourbon, has long been recognized by the biggest North American distilleries.

Bar USA whiskey

Development in Scotland and Japan

At Malteurop, we have also developed specific know-how in "pot still" malt, which is by essence the malt used in Scottish and Japanese "single" and "pure malt" whiskies.

It is made with specific varieties of barley, selected for their capacity to generate a high volume of alcohol.

This fundamental characteristic is expressed in "liters of pure alcohol equivalent" obtained per tonne of malt. One tonne of "Pot still" malt will produce +/-1,000 L of whisky at 40°.

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Solutions that meet the needs of artisan distillers

Our distilling malts are available all over the world:

  • In bulk, for large-scale deliveries to the biggest whisky producers all over the world
  • As well as in bags of 25 and 50 kg and "big bags" to meet the specific needs of artisan distillers

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Specific barley varieties

We pay particular attention to selecting the best varieties of barley. The selection criteria are extremely precise, going from yield potential to protein content, as well as far more technical aspects like the capacity to limit or prevent ethyl-carbamate formation, depending on the type of malt needed.

With 24 production sites located in the world's main barley-growing regions, we have special access to the raw material, all over the world, throughout the year.

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Our production capacity






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