Are you a barley grower? At Malteurop, we are constantly looking for new barley suppliers for our malt. Malteurop is one of the world's leading malt producers, with 1,100 employees on four continents. 1 in 10 beers in the world are produced with Malteurop's malt. We purchase barley all over the world to meet our customers' needs. We establish close ties with malting and distilling barley growers.

Our philosophy: Be genuine

We establish close relationships with our barley suppliers all over the world. Farmers play an essential role in malt production. We are constantly listening to their needs and we are determined to help them get the best price for their crops. We learn from growers' experience and their knowledge of the soil. We also provide customized support and agronomic advice on barley growing. As part of a cooperative, being genuine is one of our key values: we believe in being open and honest in our relations.

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Our approach: International presence and local supply

We operate in 14 countries on four continents, with 23 malt houses located as close as possible to barley-growing regions. We favor short supply chains and we buy our raw materials directly from local farmers. We help farmers secure their income and commercial opportunities through long-term contracts. We are proud to promote the economic development of these regions, and the production of authentic beers with a distinctive local character.

Fournisseur malt

Our barley purchasing

Nearly 3 million

tonnes of malting barley every year


of our malting barley comes from farms in the immediate vicinity of our plants.

Nos futurs développements : les malteries bio

Dans le monde entier, les consommateurs sont de plus en plus nombreux à vouloir consommer des produits naturels et bio. Cette tendance concerne aussi le marché de la bière. Dans ce cadre, nous sommes activement à la recherche de fournisseurs d’orges issues de l’agriculture biologique.