At Malteurop North America, we are committed to promoting equity, diversity, and inclusion within our organization. As part of this commitment, we are actively seeking to develop a DEI strategy for our business unit and looking to build partnerships with organizations like We Are All Human to help bridge the gap and foster a more inclusive environment within our company.

So, Malteurop North America had the privilege to participate in the "We Are All Human" 6th Annual Hispanic Leadership Summit on December 6th & 7th, 2023 at the United Nations in New York City. This event brought together over 500 corporate and community professionals to discuss and understand data that provided insights into the Hispanic population in the US.

During the summit, we had the opportunity to learn and engage in discussions around various topics such as the unveiling of the census data and impact trends, the Hispanic GDP Report, and the importance of being authentic in the workplace. We also explored important subjects like mentorship and sponsorship, employee resource groups, supplier diversity, and community engagement.

It was truly inspiring to witness the collective effort in celebrating the incredible impact of Hispanic contributions within the US and changing the perception of Latinos from invisible to visible, from negative to positive.

By aligning with WAAH, we aim to not only build our employer brand but also contribute to the advancement of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.

Together, we can make a meaningful difference in creating a more equitable and inclusive world.

We encourage everyone to learn more about We Are All Human and support their mission. Let's work together towards a better future where diversity and inclusion are celebrated and embraced.


We Are All Human (WAAH) is a charity that campaigns for every human being to be respected and empowered by focusing on our common humanity. WAAH is an advocate for those left behind, forgotten and marginalized. Its mission is to promote equity, diversity and inclusion