We are thrilled to share our recent experience at the RMI Analytics conference in Rome, where Malteurop's team delved into the intricate world of barley markets. Our focus was not just on understanding the current supply and demand dynamics, but also on exploring the key factors that are shaping the future of this industry.

The conference was a platform for enlightening discussions on sustainable and regenerative agriculture. These disussions illuminated the promising future of malting barley cultivation, emphasizing the importance of environmentally conscious practices in our field.

Beyond the insightful discussions, we took the opportunity to network and spend quality time with our partners. These moments of connection are essential in strengthening our relationships and paving the way for future collaborations.


RMI Conference

Founded over 22 years ago, it brings together over 350 participants representing the global supply chain for brewing, malt and distilling products and services.

Presentations by speakers from global players, start-ups and academic leaders punctuate these days, providing the opportunity to interact with experts at round tables and to feed one's network.