The world of malting requires a certain amount of specific knowledge that cannot only be learned from books but rather by passing on knowledge between generations of employees.

At Malteurop, all employees are aware of this knowledge sharing.
The company regularly offers its employees training courses to consolidate their knowledge or pass it on to their colleagues.

The “MaltAcademy” provides a basic understanding of the barley-malt-beer industry. This training is based on feedback from in-house experts to newcomers to the Group. Some more technical modules are given to the more seasoned employees who, because of their position within Malteurop, have to understand the scientific and biological aspects of growing barley and turning it into malt.

The "Finance Academy" - created at the initiative of the financial community - offers new employees in the accounting and management control functions a deepening introduction to the specific rules and tools of their profession. This training program includes various modules covering a broad spectrum of the finance function: accounting principles, structure of financial statements, use of IT tools (SAP, HFM, etc.), cash management issues, preparation of management reporting, budget calendar, monthly closings, etc...
In addition to these "academies", initiatives have been set up between our Business Units based on the Group's multicultural nature throughout the world.

For example, Intermalta's Spanish employees welcomed employees from our subsidiary in Mexico to prepare them for their future work at the Meoqui-Chihuahua-Mexico malting plant, currently under construction. For our Mexican colleagues, beyond the technical skills they master, part of our activity requires the acquisition of new organizational knowledge and they had to be trained in the internal processes and procedures and in the organization of the Malteurop group, as well as in our supply flow and in our requirements in terms of quality of raw materials (barley, wheat...). Our Spanish colleagues were delighted to share their experiences to guide them in this learning process.

Another initiative to be highlighted is the launch of "tandempartners" between our French and German employees. In order to facilitate language learning or to progress in a fun way, French employees wishing to converse in German and German employees wishing to improve their level in French can create pairs, triples, or even a larger group to exchange informally, correct their mistakes, share cultural elements... and thus, get to know each other better and be more at ease both orally and in writing, to move from the language of Molière to that of Goethe and vice versa. 

Other training, initiatives and knowledge sharing are regularly developed. Transgenerational work and work in multidisciplinary teams are valued at Malteurop. They are part of the DNA of the company, which knows how to make the most of its international positioning - multi-site, multi-language, multi-profile - and exploit this full potential for learning and sharing.