In Great Falls, a remarkable milestone has been achieved by the team on site. With an unwavering commitment to safety, the team has maintained an accident-free workplace. It has not experienced a Lost Time Accident (LTA) for over 11 years, and recently one year without a single medical treatment case (MTC) on site. These accomplishments are not only a testament to the team's rigorousness but also a cause for celebration and pride.

Safety is a shared responsibility at the Great Falls facility, and every employee is held accountable for maintaining a secure work environment. Prioritizing safety is just as crucial as achieving other key metrics such as cost management, quality control, and productivity. The team understands that a safe workplace is the foundation upon which all other successes are built.

To ensure the well-being of all employees, the Great Falls team devotes considerable time and effort to safety initiatives. These include fostering a safe working environment, looking out for one another, addressing unsafe acts and conditions, and stocking necessary Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). The belief in safety is deeply ingrained in each employee, and they know they have the full support of management.

The team remains focused on maintaining a safe workplace by adhering to Life-Saving Rules (LSRs), respecting and practicing CARE principles, conducting Job Hazard Analyses before every task, and promptly reporting unsafe conditions. Employees are also encouraged to be vigilant and look out for the safety of their colleagues, visitors, and contractors.

As the Great Falls team celebrates their safety achievements, they remain committed to preserving their accident-free and MTC-free workplace for many years to come. The safety journey is ongoing, and every employee plays a vital role in its success.

Congratulations to all Great Falls site employees for their daily commitment to keeping our teams safe.