MaltIbérica Portugal has been recognized by the EcoVadis global ratings agency, placing our team in the top 15% of global companies for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

EcoVadis is an independent ratings agency that evaluates CSR practices across a network of over 130,000 companies worldwide. Their rigorous process includes assessments in areas such as environmental impact, labor and human rights standards and ethical practices.

We congratulate our colleagues in MaltIbérica Portugal for the well-deserved recognition in securing the SILVER EcoVadis medal. This achievement signifies our dedication to making a positive impact on both the environment and society, and showcases our ongoing efforts to operate ethically and responsibly. We additionally share our thank you to all our Malteurop employees for their hard work and engagement to CSR.

Let's continue to lead by example in sustainable practices and make a lasting impact in our industry and community.