In consideration of the COVID-19 global pandemic, Malteurop monitors very closely the situation in compliance with regulatory and operational directives issued by local Authorities in line with the World Health Organization. In view of the Regulatory Directives to date, there is no restriction applicable to the movement of merchandises as the COVID-19 is not transmitted through goods.
Olivier Parent CEO Malteurop

Our role as a global company is to help stop the COVID-19 pandemic.

This is why Malteurop implements the best recommended hygiene practices such as implementing home-office when it’s possible, avoiding close contacts and interactions, providing disinfectant gels, sanitizing and aerating the workplace. External visits are reduced to the strict minimum, and all collaborators travels are cancelled. A crisis management process is also in place, with specific committees at VIVESCIA, our parent group, and Malteurop.

To guarantee our customers the best service possible, Malteurop keeps operations going on without disruption, secures its whole supply chain through inventory management, and recommend its suppliers to do the same.

Together, we’ll face this situation, protecting our lives and our businesses.

Take CARE,

Olivier Parent.

Olivier PARENT - Chief Executive Officer – Malteurop