Malteurop Baoding is proud to celebrate 10 full years without LTA. This achievement reflects our strong commitment to safety and our vision of a safe working environment for all our employees.

Interview with Yang Zhenglong, Site Manager

" This progress and performance are the fruit not only of our daily commitment, but also of a roadmap that has focused on safety priorities, and on which all our teams have placed their trust.

We have succeeded in establishing a safety culture that has become a top priority and an integral part of our identity. Every employee is now aware of his or her own responsibility for safety, as well as for others.

We regularly organize awarness sessions to inform our employees about risks and develop best practices for avoiding them. In addition, we have put in place periodic practices, constant training, to reinforce our commitment. Simulation exercises are regularly organized to ensure that all our teams are prepared for dangerous situations and know how to react appropriately. These exercises also enable us to test our procedures and improve them where necessary.

We strongly encourage all staff to report any unsafe situation, anywhere and at any time. To promote safety, we have launched a major campaign to highlight the importance of safety in the workplace. Posters, specific training courses and events are organized to get all staff involved.

However, the most difficult challenge has been managing outsiders, such as contractors and visitors. We had to put in specific procedures to make them aware of our company's safety rules and remind them of the importance of respecting them when they are on our sites.

Our success is based on a focused roadmap, a safety culture, continuous training, regular practices, open communication and empowerment.

We are proud of the work accomplished by all our employees, and were able to congratulate them and celebrate this success at a party held on December 22th 2023. "

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