On February 28, 2024, the Ashburton team celebrated a major workplace safety milestone: 1000 days without a lost-time accident or recordable injury.

Over the past two years, the site has undergone significant changes, including the arrival of an almost entirely new operating staff. The new team members have brought a remarkable attitude and approach to safety, challenging our working methods and enabling us to make many improvements.

Teamwork in New Zealand is impressive. The working environment is positive and all staff are committed to improving safety and efficiency. Recently, major investments were made to replace an elevator and resurface large areas of the site. During this period, the team has managed its subcontractors well to ensure the safety of everyone on site, including visitors.

Ongoing projects at the site include work to improve plant hygiene, as well as a focus on training and task documentation. These ongoing safety and process improvement efforts demonstrate the Ashburton team's commitment to operational excellence.


This impressive achievement is an example to all.The Ashburton team has proven that workplace safety is not only a priority, but can also be a concrete reality through close collaboration, a positive attitude and a commitment to continuous improvement.


Congratulations to the Ashburton team on this milestone and for their commitment to workplace safety.