Working together: Malteurop also puts that philosophy into practice with its own suppliers, seed producers-breeders, storage operators, and carriers. For in fact all of them make important contributions to the proper operation of the barley value chain, in particular as regards traceability and food safety.

Just as Malteurop endeavors to become the benchmark supplier to its brewer customers, the Group also wishes to cement strategic partnerships with its most reactive suppliers, those who are capable of adapting to different agronomic, industrial, and logistical problem sets and also capable of involving themselves in innovative projects. Certain partners, for example, were associated in the industrial process modeling project, which was a means of sharing knowledge and harmonizing the Group’s methods.

Thanks to its expansion, Malteurop is in a position to offer its partners opportunities for business growth and international development in the long term.

At its various locations, Malteurop calls on local suppliers in order to encourage local economic development and optimize costs. This integration into the local industrial and economic fabric promotes the autonomy and optimum operation of the malting plants. That constitutes a real competitive advantage, at several levels:

  • shorter maintenance times,
  • lower stocks of replacement parts,
  • facilitation of equipment supply, etc.