Uldarico García García

Spain & Portugal General Manager

Uldarico García García

Uldarico García García earned an industrial engineering degree with a specialty in chemistry. Then he pursued graduate studies in business administration, then studied brewing technology in Madrid, as well as maintenance techniques.

He began his career with Hibegosa, where he was in charge of malting and a corn-grits plant.

In 1978 he went to work for Intermalta S.A. to direct the construction of the malting plant in San Adrián, whose first phase had a capacity of 15,000 tons.

Since then, Uldarico has accompanied all the phases of Intermalta’s fantastic growth, resulting in its position as unchallenged leader on the Spanish market with three plants.

One of the secrets of Intermalta’s success has been Uldarico’s ability to unite his team around ambitious goals in their constant quest for sources of progress.