Improvement of the industrial process

Malteurop has an international Technical Department whose goal is to optimize the industrial process at two levels – that of the malting process itself and that of the design and renovation of malting plants.


Optimization of industrial processes is a matter:

  • of increasing raw-materials yield (barley/malt ratio),
  • of reducing production costs (reducing the duration of the production cycle, increasing the size of the batches of barley put into production, reducing energy consumption),
  • of improving the brewing performance of the malt (filterability, fermentability, taste and stability, homogeneity).

Based on feedback from the day-to-day operation of our malting plants and on mastery of plant construction, Malteurop develops innovations in the areas of:

  • hygiene,
  • thermics,
  • production-process control.

Malting plants

As its international growth has progressed, Malteurop has installed and operated malting plants in varied environments. Based on this experience, the Group has developed know-how and expertise in designing or renovating malting plants through its technical mastery of the key areas of the industry:

  • thermodynamics,
  • fluid mechanics,
  • energetics,
  • automatic systems,
  • transfer kinetics.

In addition to engineering, Malteurop offers specific expertise in adapting malting plants to local market constraints:

  • climatic conditions,
  • availability of energy resources,
  • available construction technologies,
  • personnel skill levels,
  • management of raw-materials availability.