An additional added value: Risk management

In order to offer its customers new gains in added value, Malteurop now integrates intangible competencies such as risk management. Malteurop handles management of industrial risks, risks of interruption of supplies of raw materials, and financial risks related to the volatility of brewing-barley prices.

Managing financial risk

The price of malting barley is subject to strong variations. To reduce the financial risks related to the increasing volatility of cereal-grain prices, and of malting barley in particular, and provide visibility for our customers regarding the evolution of prices, Malteurop makes use of different types of price contractualization (for barley and wheat) and hedging and arbitrage instruments.

To protect against price risks, Malteurop offers different options to brewers and distillers. These options are adapted to market conditions and the specific needs of the client. They allow us to guarantee Malterop’s customers an average price year-round, or to guarantee a ceiling price, or to guarantee control over price variations through the year.

Customers benefit from low prices without suffering from the hikes, which gives them a financial edge over the competition.

To work, these guarantee programs function over time. They mean long-term contracts with our customers, reaching from 3 to 5 years.

Managing supply risk

To deal with the risk of interruption in the supply of raw materials, Malteurop’s supplies come directly from the growers, instead of through intermediaries, which makes it possible:

  • to suit crops to each customer’s specifications;
  • to ensure that necessary quantities and quality are available well upstream and have access to varied sources of supply – 85% of our barley supplies now come from supply programs developed by the Group;
  • to optimize costs while establishing close and extensive agronomic collaboration with growers.

Managing industrial risk

To deal with the industrial risk of loss of capacity or intermittent increases in demand, Malteurop offers substitution solutions thanks to the optimized geographical distribution of its malting plants.

Malteurop responds to this type of risk thanks to its global reach, which enables it to supply an international customer and follow him wherever his demand is.

This is transverse geographical flexibility: Malteurop offers the possibility of using (supplying) the volumes contracted for where the demand exists; what it amounts to is the possibility of shifting the location of deliveries around the world. The advantage for the customer is being able to get shipments where there is a demand, wherever his needs are located.