Our evolving industry

Malteurop is first and foremost an industrial group engaged in the primary processing of barley into malt.

At its base our profession consists in ensuring the availability of malts in the right place, at the right time, at the right price, in the desired quality and quantities, at the point of secondary processing by our brewer customers.

Malteurop includes a strong service dimension in its definition of its core competencies by being capable of guaranteeing security of supply to its customers, thanks to its control over the production and harvesting of barley, to the efficient geographical distribution of its production facilities, and to ongoing optimization of its logistical chain (storage capacities and diversity of shipping solutions). This allows Malteurop to deal with different types of imponderables – variations in demand and end consumption, climate, availability of agricultural raw materials, etc.

Today’s malting environment has evolved upstream as well as down.

Upstream, agriculture is undergoing globalization. Markets and prices for agricultural raw materials are global and they are volatile. Added to the destabilizing effects of climatic phenomena is competition for available growing space due to the emergence of new, non-food applications for agricultural products.

Downstream the beer market is also globalizing. Brewers must respond to increasing segmentation of the beer market and at the same time develop new, emerging markets. Consumers are becoming more demanding – and that applies to all brewing markets.

Today, faced with those demands and the globalization of the malt and beer markets, high industrial performance is not enough. To be in full control of the barley-malt value chain, Malteurop now integrates management of the flow of information and risk management in order to synchronize all the cycles of malt production and use.