Training policy

Permanent training areas focus on two major themes:

  • mastery of skills (keeping skills and knowledge up to date and extending them, working methods, team autonomy, etc.),
  • security and hygiene, which are crucial areas in the agrifood industry.

Agronomy and Industry – Two areas of expertise

At the agronomics level, international coordination of varietal development facilitates exchanges and increases knowledge of raw materials (yield, sensitivity to disease, calibration, protein content). Information flows are shared throughout Malteurop, which contributes to optimizing growing itineraries in the Group’s different production zones.
The quality of a malting barley is visible, among other criteria, in its varietal purity. Evaluation of this parameter requires high-level visual recognition skills whose application is now shared by all of our subsidiaries.

At the industrial level, the Technical Center has the task of disseminating technical knowledge throughout the Group.

On new malting techniques:

  • rapid malt analysis,
  • parameters of the curing stage during kilning (control of moisture-color-DMSP balance).

And on harvest specificities:

  • pregermination detection,
  • detection of gushing potential,
  • dormancy.

Change management and the new management system

In 2007 the Malteurop Group undertook a major process of change management. One aspect of this program is to improve the efficiency of Malteurop’s management procedures. This project resulted in the implementation of a new Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system for France in February 2009 and continues with the deployment of the same software application for Germany. This application is resolutely oriented towards customer satisfaction.

The Malt University: A Group specificity

Malteurop was an innovator in the malting sector with its creation in 2006 of the Malt University. This is an original internalized training structure specialized in developing and extending all competencies related to malt and malt production equipment. The Malt University came into being out of the desire to formalize specific knowledge and know-how related to the barley-malt-beer value chain and the production of malt. Its ambition is to capitalize internal experience related to malt and malt skills areas, to share a common industry culture, and to disseminate it to all employees.

This pilot experiment conducted in France is to be extended to the entire Group. It serves as the support facility for consulting activities, in particular the Malteurop Technical Development Program and Malteurop Manufacturing Program.

Training courses are designed by engineers, managers of production units, and technical managers, who themselves lead the training modules – covering raw materials, process parameters and techniques, brewers’ specifications and expectations, etc.
The Malt University has as its vocation to train all new Malteurop employees and all personnel, whether or not they are in direct or indirect contact with malt. This specific training resource contributes to increasing the professionalization of the teams and improving the performance of the production units.