Students and young graduates

Every year, Malteurop, in partnership with schools, offers a limited number of long-term traineeships, of between three months and one year in length, in the following areas:

  • agronomy,
  • optimization of industrial processes,
  • market analyses and studies,
  • commercial and supply chain management control,
  • planning and logistics,
  • environment and energy savings,
  • cereal market risk management.


The traineeships are hosted by the Group’s subsidiaries. They can take the form of alternance training (up to two years) or apprenticeship contracts.

For the trainee and for the Malteurop teams, they are an opportunity to define and implement projects and make progress in R&D while enabling sharing of experience of day-to-day activities.

You can find any available traineeships in our job listings section. You can also send in a spontaneous traineeship application to