Varietal Development Manager

The Varietal Development Manager is a demanding field worker, testing varieties of barley – our raw material – through growing experiments and analyzing them according to qualitative and agronomic criteria.

That makes the Varietal Development Manager the indispensable link in the chain, with responsibility for choosing the best barley varieties for Malteurop’s customers. Each variety chosen is selected in the light of economic and industrial constraints, but also of agronomic realities and customers’ needs. The Varietal Development Manager is a precursor who can advise producers and Malteurop’s sales department as to the choice of a particular variety that has innovative characteristics. He plays a role in the Group’s research and development policy.

He looks for and chooses barley varieties that strike an optimal balance between the technical and economic needs of each player in the value chain: brewer - maltster - grower.

Based on the agronomic and qualitative assessment of the controlled tests, working with contacts at each subsidiary and with the storage entities and local institutes, the Varietal Development Manager defines varietal policy for the malting plants and coordinates its development for the entire Group.

Barley varieties are constantly evolving in response to quality and yield criteria. The task of the Varietal Development Manager is to monitor and anticipate this ongoing process of renewal so that Malteurop’s competitiveness can be maintained.