Sales Manager

Being in charge of direct relations between two industrial operators and specializing in a single-product and largely single-clientele industry, our sales personnel need to know the product, production processes, the specificities of each customers’ particular needs and demands, etc., but also know the brewing profession and brewing technical processes.

Since Malteurop is an international group that markets its products all over the world, the Sales Manager is in charge of a geographic zone that includes several countries. He must be familiar with beer and raw-materials markets while having thorough knowledge of the local markets.

This is because the production of certain plants is intended for local breweries, while the output of other plants is aimed at export to independent, local, or regional breweries as well as major international brewing groups. Sales contracts can differ greatly from one another. The Sales Manager therefore analyzes market trends for General Management and recommends strategic and tactical choices.

In response to the diversity of sales contracts, the person in charge of sales organizes and coordinates, for each customer, a project to which an internal, transverse working group is assigned, which analyzes the customer’s specific needs – from the selection of barley varieties through to working out the specifications documents, and including the logistics to be put in place, assignment of production to a particular plant, the production processes to be used, etc.