Malting Plant Maintenance Manager

The Maintenance Manager is in charge of the maintenance and the security of all equipment, infrastructures, and buildings for a facility where the production process is continuous and thus where the time allotted for maintenance is short. Each maintenance operation therefore has a strong impact on production – certain installations, like the kiln and purification plant, are critical bottlenecks in malt production.

He defines and optimizes the resources to be used to maintain or improve the performance of the production facility in terms of cost and rate of use of the machines, keeping in mind that the installations are under heavy constraints due to the large tonnages produced and transferred several times within the plant. With the maintenance team, the Maintenance Manager must therefore adapt both physical and human resources – the latter being all the more important given the challenges.

The Maintenance Manager must deal with the specificities of complex equipment, with two stages of the process taking place in ATEX (explosive atmosphere) zones, which has an impact on the equipment itself and on maintenance operating modes for ensuring the security of property and persons, while other equipment operates in a highly humid atmosphere, and still other equipment is subjected to high temperatures. He also manages equipment using varied technologies, since Malteurop is constantly investing to improve its existing equipment, and at the same time in new production units.