Malting Operations Manager

The Malting Operations Manager has a hand in determining malt production objectives, along with costs, delivery times, quality, and quantity. This implies a close collaboration with all Malteurop’s departments, with the brewer customers, and with the barley suppliers.

The Malting Operations Manager is the one who is closest to the product itself and accompanies the grain through all the stages of its development as guarantor of the quality of the finished malt. He or she ensures that the product is consistent and in conformity with customers’ needs and expectations, despite the fact that the maltster’s raw material is a living material that by nature is not homogeneous and varies continually. The challenge is therefore to constantly adapt the production process to the raw materials at hand and to customers’ specifications while endeavoring to improve products and processes.

Primarily an industrial process technician, the Malting Operations Manager is also an excellent manager who plays a role in overseeing the development of the skills of the members of the production team. That entails responsibility for leading a team made up of production operators and workers. Autonomy, communication, and teamwork are essential because the plants operate around the clock using large-scale automated equipment, and the tonnages handled are voluminous.

Safety is therefore crucial for everyone, and responsibility for safety falls on the Malting Operations Manager. He must make sure that the teams work under proper and safe conditions. That involves implementing preventive measures, training, and appropriate equipment. With the help of the Technical Manager, the Malting Operations Manager also ensures the proper operation of the installations for controlling explosion risks.

The Malting Operations Manager has the primary responsibility for optimization of production facilities, proposing improvements to processes and installations compatible with respect for the environment.